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What is the Las Fotos Project Sister Circle?

Over the last ten years, Las Fotos Project has built a special place for connection, empowerment and feminist practice-in-action. Our programs provide girls the rare opportunity to engage in self-exploration and to express their identities in ways that are self-determined and illuminating.

The LFP Sister Circle is a network of women who share the value for uplifting and supporting the teenage girls participating in Las Fotos Project programs.

Starting at just $25 a month, LFP Sister Circle members make ongoing monthly contributions to ensure that girls at Las Fotos Project have a stable source of support to create an environment where they can take risks and thrive. Through its member contributions, LFP Sister Circle will help produce key projects such as student-led solo gallery shows, professional development training, and network gatherings to uplift girls and women.

In the true spirit of community, the environment we have built for our students will also be extended to our LFP Sister Circle members through gatherings, asset sharing, and our special events. Our first series of LFP Sister Circle events will be virtual events, where you can join in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Why the need for a “Sister Circle”?

One thing we consistently hear at Las Fotos Project, from our students and mentors alike, is that it has become a space where doubts and insecurities are checked at the door. Where girls feel they can embrace their freedom to express themselves and take risks. This, we’ve seen first hand, has allowed for girls to build the community necessary to tackle the systemic obstacles that are all too familiar for women of color.

This is why we know it’s vital that the culture of our space remains organic and driven by the girls who walk in our doors. For the past 10 years, we’ve sought partnerships and resources that would allow us to do this, without compromise. But there is an unignorable reality when it comes to funding any initiative for women and girls of color. For example:

Once you join, you will be added to our list of LFP Sister Circle members and receive information about upcoming events as well as get connected with other members of the LFP Sister Circle group.