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Join the Las Fotos Project Sister Circle

Become part of a network of that supports the creativity & power of girls.


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Over the last ten years, Las Fotos Project has built a special place for connection, empowerment and feminist practice-in-action. Our programs provide girls the rare opportunity to engage in self-exploration and to express their identities in ways that are self-determined and illuminating.

To celebrate ten years we are launching Sister Circle, a unique group of our closest supporters who directly understand the importance and impact of this work. Starting at just $25 a month, Sister Circle members make ongoing monthly contributions to ensure that Las Fotos Project has a stable source of support to take risks and thrive.

Through its member contributions, Sister Circle will help produce key projects such as commissions of student-led solo gallery shows, professional development training, and network gatherings to uplift girls and women.

Las Fotos Project is rich with role models, peers with diverse identities, and strong women’s leadership. This home we have created is a nexus of hope and possibility. Here girls connect with other girls and women who are engaged in learning, activating their creativity, experimenting, taking risks, and accomplishing ambitious goals. This is the furnace inside Las Fotos Project generating collective empowerment and illuminating individuals’ paths along the empowering process.

Become a founding member of the Sister Circle today and enable Las Fotos Project to provide meaningful connection and reflection, where our thoughts, feelings, questions, and challenges can be voiced and our lived experiences as girls and women are validated and held sacred.