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Help connect Maya women in LA and Guatemala

Weaving relationships between Maya women across the continent.

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Supporting young Maya Womxn in LA & Guatemala

During the spring of 2018, Las Fotos Project's Maya Womxn in LA photography exhibit documented the experience of Maya womxn in Los Angeles. Over the span of 12 weeks, 6 Guatemalan teen girls met to learn about the history of Guatemala, explore their personal identity, and make portraits of Maya girls and womxn, ranging in ages of 4-years-old to 96-years-old. The result was a beautiful testament to the resilience, power and love shared by multiple generations of Maya women in Los Angeles.

In April 2019, Las Fotos Project is looking to share the Maya Womxn in LA stories with Maya women and girls in Guatemala through a youth delegation trip to Guatemala. The Maya Womxn in LA Delegation will send the teen photographers to meet with other Maya womxn and girls Guatemala in order to document the narratives that connect all Maya womxn across the continent. The youth delegation will also build relationships through photography with the Maya communities in Guatemala fighting to defend their life and land. Donations to this delegation will help us get there and make this possible!

To learn more about the exhibit and our students, watch the video below created by Living on One.